We lost all our blog posts 🙁

Earlier in the year we decided to try WordPress Optimized Hosting, because we heard all the boasting about how it is the fastest option for WordPress pages. They don’t lie it is fast, but here are a few things I will tell you about my journey through finding the best host.

I will tell you that WordPress hosting is not for everyone. I would suggest it for someone with a single blog site, who runs their own WordPress blog. Though if you host multiple sites and want unlimited control, then it is not for you!


BlueHost was actually our second option. We actually started with Host Gator. Host Gator WordPress optimized hosting, like I said before, would be great if you only have one site that you host yourself. Though, as a small business that builds and runs websites for other companies, it is not our best option. There really was no control. They give very little control. Because of this, we went with BlueHost.

BlueHost was a mistake for us and is why this article is being written. I wouldn’t want other people to make the same mistake. BlueHost managed WordPress hosting actually gives you a lot of control over your sites. It is a cheaper option, and is quite speedy, but beware.

BlueHost boasts about speed and security with their managed wordpress hosting, but withing two days of us being on their server, one website was hacked and one email was blacklisted from Google. The good part about it, was it was our own website that was hacked and wasn’t a clients, but we did lose all of our posts, because we did not want the injected malware to carry over into the new hosting.


When we spoke to BlueHost about our situation, they were very unfriendly and our chats were extremely uneventful. It is funny because another thing they boast about is their customer service! What a joke!

Host Gator

We are now back with Host Gator, which was on most websites as the #2 option under BlueHost. We did not go with Managed WordPress Hosting, but instead went with a VPS, which they assured us would be just as fast with more options. And that is the case. Host Gators customer service is way better and their speed is great, but not as fast as a WordPress Hosting option.