We have a cheap solution!

That’s right we have found a way. We have a client who’s only concern about switching from CP Online -> WordPress was that their data would not be easily updated from one system to another, but we found a cost effective way to do this.

What other companies charge!?!

We have seen a few companies charging upwards of $20,000 to do this type of integration. For me that’s a little steep. Unless the seamless data transfer is that important to you.

The idea

The idea that we came up with, is to use the CSV data migration already set up in Counter Point to grab the information we needed. We then use the WooCommerce CSV Upload Plugin developed by WooThemes to make the migration happen. The plugin’s cost at $199.99 is a little steep, but if you renew it every year they give you a pretty big break on the price.

Counterpoint Data Transfer

If you search through Counterpoint (the latest version) there is a data export wizard. I believe it is located in system->utilities. Within this export wizard, you can write your own SQL statements. Write your own to get what data is needed, I will include my own (but right now I realize I don’t currently have it on me)

I used two steps. Step one was to export all of the Parent Skus. Step two is to export all of the Variations within the sku. The CSV import then allows you to merge both the Parent and Variations in two separate steps.